General Questions

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Who can I call about what?

Technical support for ORTIM: +49 (0)431-550900-0 ,
CAPP Knowledge support: +49 (0)89-42774-134,
sales, consulting and training: +49 (0)361-55146-0

How do I login in for the first time?

User: Abel, password: a
Device software
User: Administrator, password: 444 or 333

How do I change my password?

In ORTIMzeit, ORTIMplan, ORTIMnotes and ORTIMmulti:

  • From the Management menu in the main window (Functions) select option Users and Groups.
  • Next, select the user whose password is to be changed.
  • Click on the Password button in the toolbar above.
  • Then proceed to enter the new password.


  • From the Tools menu in the main window open the User Manager.
  • Now select the user whose password is to be changed.
  • Select the Confirm Password button in the toolbar above.
  • Then proceed to enter the new password.

Where can I send in my device and what do I need to tell Support?

After first contacting us, please send your device to the following address:

dmc-ortim GmbH Kiel
Gutenbergstr. 86
D-24118 Kiel
Tel.: +49 (0)431-550900-0

Please include a description of the problem affecting your device.

What do I need to consider when installing ORTIM software?

You will find a check list for the installation here:

  1. Do you have administrator rights?
  2. Do you intend to install the program on a server or the PC you are working on?
  3. Local/server installation: Do you have the PSQL product key? For a server-client solution (network), PSQL has to be installed BEFORE the program installation. Please consult the Installation Manual prior to the installation.
  4. Do you have the registration data for the Hardlock (dongle), or Softlock (license file) for the ORTIM program version to be installed?

How do I install an ORTIM software product?

  1. Execute the SetupORTIMXXX.exe program.
  2. Choose the installation mode.
  3. If you have chosen the Softlock (license file) as the means of program protection, the following options are available: The license file
    1. is already installed (for update)
    2. has to be installed via a separate installation program sent to you by e-mail
    3. is installed at the same time (only if software is supplied on CD).
  4. If you have chosen Hardlock (dongle) as the means of program protection, connect this to a free USB port on your computer.
  5. Launch the program
  6. Only for Hardlock: Copy the registration data from the enclosed form into the registration dialog box.
  7. When prompted to log in, enter Abel as the username and a as the password.

For further information, please consult the manual. If you still have questions, please contact a member of our support teamsupport(at)dmc-ortim.de ; Tel.: +49 (0)431-550900-0

What about PSQL and the ORTIM products? What do I need to install and where, and when should this be activated?

The programs Actian PSQL and ORTIM have to be regarded separately during the installation. Generally speaking, to activate PSQL, you need to be connected to the Internet.

Server-client solution: BEFORE the installation of the ORTIM product, PSQL Server first has to be installed on the server and PSQL Client configured on the workstation computer. Please consult the manual for further information.

The setup wizard guides you through the installation and activation of ORTIM and PSQL. You require the PSQL product key to perform the activation. You can also test PSQL without activation for 30 days. We do however recommend that you activate PSQL as soon as possible.

What does the error message 161 mean?

There are three situations that can cause this status code:

  1. The temporary license for PSQL has either expired or the status of the license has been set to expired in the Windows Start menu by the <License Administrator>.
    If your temporary license has expired, please contact dmc-ortim to obtain a permanent license.
  2. A restriction associated with the license has been exceeded: Number of users, number of sessions, permitted data volume.
  3. The PC configuration has changed since the last license activation. The activation is directly related to the hardware configuration of the PC. Changes to the hardware can lead to the license being deactivated. In the <License Administrator>, the license is set to disabled. If you wish to modify the PC hardware, first remove your license in the <License Administrator>. After modifying the hardware configuration, you can re-enter the licenses and activate them. The license key must be entered in the Pervasive PSQL License Administrator (Start – All Programs – Pervasive PSQL 11 – Utilities – License Administrator) in the key field and activated with Authorize. You require administrator rights and an Internet connection for this.