Self-noted improvement potential.

ORTIMnotes – Convincing data for your organization


ORTIMnotes integrates, optimizes and extends proven methods of organizational review.
The data are collected at a fraction of the cost incurred to date.
The process participants record their situation themselves – you acquire data of a high significance and do not require additional personnel for collecting the data.
Accordingly, the results will enjoy a high level of acceptance among employees.


A short note at a random time is quick and easy to make. Notations made while on the move are transferred to the stationary computer workstation.


ORTIMnotes  –  a tool which allows new work areas to be evaluated using time management techniques. This also applies to management and support processes.
To map the entire corporate process, effort data are collected and statistically documented. This in turn allows capacity data to be calculated beyond the usual estimates possible thus far.


With ORTIMnotes, it is also possible to analyze potentials in the support processes. This not only produces high-quality results, but also frequency statements and time values. Graphic representations provide a quick overview and allow priorities for changes to be identified easily,
which in turn enables reserves to be exploited to the max.

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