Externally noted improvement potential.

Preparation and evaluation of work sampling studies

Use ORTIMmulti to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business processes – improvement potential can be easily determined from the disruptive factors.


For the layman, it is fascinating to see just how precisely extrapolation, shortly after closing the polling places, can anticipate the final results – simply on the basis of random notations.
Work sampling studies conducted in the field of time management work on the same principle of random observations.
A relatively low input ensures highly accurate data. Independently and objectively, observers note the situations as they occur at a particular moment in time. Work processes are not impaired and data is quickly collected.

Observe and note

Person, machine and material can be observed in parallel at numerous places (by an innocent bystander, hence “externally noted”). The preparation and tour planning processes are optimally supported by our employees.
A few brief instructions are sufficient in order to commission non-trained personnel with the task of collecting data.
This way, you acquire sufficient data for a statistically firm final statement.

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