Process, manage and evaluate time studies

Time management standard

ORTIMzeit – the tool for the complete and clear processing of time studies.

Evaluation of:

  • Cyclic and non-cyclic work measurements
  • Combinations of cyclic and non-cyclic work cycle elements
  • Allowance time observations
  • Multiple activity or group work
  • Analyses for rationalization potentials

In addition to the evaluation of individual studies, ORTIMzeit also permits comparative analyses of multiple time studies.  The data source can always be traced thanks to a history log.

Simple analysis

Customized layout of the printouts, further processing of the data through to the integration in SAP or other ERP systems.

Diverse range of hardware

Studies from different recording devices of the ORTIM system are prepared: classic devices of the a-series, ORTIM b6 mobile data acquisition for Android tablets and the c-series on the basis of Android or for Apple devices. Likewise, it is also possible exchange these studies in any direction using ORTIMzeit.

Video files can also be used as the basis for time studies in the same software –  allowing users to freely select the recording hardware appropriate for each specific application!

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Key features of ORTIMzeit:

  • Unrestricted amount of text to studies and work cycle elements.
  • Any number of timers. Assignment of three time categories per work cycle element.
  • The time category structures are freely definable.
  • Possible to merge multiple studies from a wide range of recording devices.
  • Possible to add sketches, photos and videos to studies.
  • Powerful Study Manager; freely assignable features
  • Result data can be exported in XML format.
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