Reliable times

Whether preparing, performing or evaluating time studies
we have the right tools

Determine times easily and reliably

We help you, with the aid of time studies, to measure your actual times efficiently and to determine reliable target times:

Optimize processes
Acquire time components systematically
Prepare a standard times catalog
Create reliable databases for making comparisons and estimates

  • ORTIM a5 – complete solution (hardware & software) for professional data acquisition
  • ORTIM a6 for Windows® – software for tablet PC
  • ORTIM a6 for Android™ – software for Android tablet
  • ORTIM b6 – app for the practical recording of time studies with an Android tablet
  • ORTIM c6 – entry-level solution for time management on a smart phone for iOS and Android

Analysis of the time studies:

Our software ORTIMzeit facilitates video analyses of complex work processes, as well as the processing, management and evaluation of all types of time studies. Here you will get more information.

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