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Training – Tap into our wealth of experience

Our user seminars help to get you into shape ready for using our systems!
By conducting training and individual coaching sessions, our experts teach you proven concepts and methods, whilst sharing their experience.
A pilot project is another way of transferring knowledge seamlessly.

Our offer for you:

  • Basic training (a5/ORTIMzeit)
    – Settings, functions of the ORTIMa5 and ORTIMzeit evaluation software
    – Working with video studies
  • Multiple activity and group work
    – Using special settings to facilitate working with multiple timers
  • Standard times (ORTIMzeit/ORTIMplan)
    – Using SCOs in ORTIMzeit
    – Generating standard time formulas from time study data
  • Work planning (ORTIMplan)
    – Working with standard time formulas and calculations
  • User training CAPP Knowledge
    – Tips and tricks on various modules, e.g. synchronization, bulk processing and job-related instructions
  • Work sampling studies

Needless to say, we also offer individual coaching that is tailored precisely to your topics.

New support hotline!

Use the new phone number and speak directly to one of our support staff.
You can now contact us at +49 431 5809 2710

Training courses on:

  • a5/a5pc
  • ORTIMzeit
  • ORTIMplan
  • CAPP Knowledge
  • ORTIMmulti
  • ORTIMnotes

and much more!