ORTIM c6 – simple mobile data entry

Data entry in a methodically structured manner with ORTIM c6 on smart phones and tablet PCs, irrespective of whether with Android or iOS.

The ORTIM c6 recording program is available as a free download on the Internet: simply download it, check the information and start measuring.
To evaluate your data, you use either ORTIMzeit or the ORTIMzeit Starter Edition.

ORTIMzeit Starter – the simple evaluation software

“ORTIMzeit Starter”  – the entry-level solution for reliably processing time studies from ORTIM c6.
The program contains all the basic functions for simple time studies according to REFA standards. The data exchange is designed specifically for the ORTIM c6 device software. Everything is kept simple and practical for entry-level users or the occasional time study on a smart phone or tablet PC.

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